Hello, friend. This is a multi-character roleplay blog. I have so many muses and having blogs for all of them would probably break me so I dump all the creativity here.

If you'd like to roleplay, I'd start here or just shoot me an ask. I love plotting and meeting new people so don't be afraid to strike up a conversation.

✓ Mun is 18+.

✓ LGBT friendly.

✓ Multi-Shipping friendly.

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It’s been awhile, oh gosh. Way longer than I ever anticipated. I’m not dead though, so hello! If you still want to roleplay with me or just reach me, I find I’m much better with skype. My name there is: screw.the.standard - so feel free to add me. C: I’m sorry for my absence!

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Anonymous: ((Psssst you're cute.

(( Anon-chan, w-what? .////. 

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AU where the entire cast of the RP/series/whatever are in a mental asylum. They are still their normal selves, but they have had their memories replaced and are told that their past lives were hallucinations. 

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Hello. I am sorry for being absent. School has been kicking my butt with assignments and it’s only the second week in, yikes! But I have posts drafted that I’ll reply to, no worries! <3 Thank you for being patient bbys. 

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if I ever stop replying to our rp PLEASE TELL ME BECAUSE TUMBLR ONLY NOTIFIES ME LIKE HALF THE TIME NOW and I keep missing posts I’m so angry about this recent development